We recycle items that are not fit for purpose. We recycle bedding, towels and duvets that may have marks,rips or tears to The Dog’s Trust at Newton Tony. We also donate lots of craft items to a local playgroup in Dinton for the children to use in art and craft projects. Some of these items may otherwise have gone to landfill.

We have a weekly collection from a local textile recycling company, for worn out clothes, shoes, bags, books etc. We can raise funds that way. We can raise up to 30p per kilo for textiles, and up to 40p per kilo for shoes. So if you have any worn out items ( not husbands/ wives !!!) We can happily receive them and this will help raise extra revenue for us.

We also recycle bras.  We forward them on, and this in turn helps raise £1 per kilo for Breast Cancer Research. To date we have helped raise over £300.